Working Group on IFI instruments supporting investment

Working group on IFI financial products supporting investment in CESEE Report (March 2019)

The Vienna Initiative Working Group on IFI financial products aims at identifying the markets gaps and policy priority areas for investment in CESEE that are best served by financial products offered by IFIs. While investment in CESEE has exceeded average EU levels over the last decade, it has mostly been below the levels required for economic convergence with persistent gaps in stock of capital. One of the main objectives of this working group is to support the development of appropriate combinations of instruments to meet investment needs of the CESEE region, with an emphasis on sustainability through including local funding / investment as part of, or in parallel to, the IFI funding instruments.

On June 14th 2018, the third meeting of the ‘Vienna Initiative Working Group on IFI instruments supporting investment’ took place at the EIB’s headquarters in Luxembourg. For more information please consult the agenda.

The space below with additional information and presentations is reserved for WG members only:

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