Press Releases VI 2.0

Vienna 2 Full Forum convenes in London seeking new growth model to drive forward innovation in emerging Europe (12 March 2018)

CESEE region sees steady progress in bank lending, improving access to finance and NPL resolution, new Vienna Initiative publications show (29 November 2017)

EBA signs memorandum of cooperation with South Eastern European supervisors (23 October 2015)

Vienna Initiative in drive to tackle bad loans in emerging Europe (30 June 2015)

Foreign banks' funding to emerging Europe continued to decline in late 2014, but trend may be reversing, new report shows (30 June 2015)

Banks Deleveraging in Emerging Europe Slightly Faster in the Third Quarter of 2014 (28 January 2015)

Banks firmly behind Ukraine financial sector reform programme at Vienna Initiative forum (17 November 2014)

Credit Recovery and Banking Union in focus at Vienna Initiative 2 Full Forum (14 November 2014)

Bank Deleveraging in Eastern Europe Slows Slightly in Second Quarter of 2014 (4 November 2014)

Vienna Initiative pushes for action plan to deal with NPLs in central and south-eastern Europe (26 September 2014)

Vienna 2 Initiative draws attention to weak credit growth and special challenges for South Eastern Europe (23 October 2013)

Focus on reviving credit growth as external funding withdrawal in emerging Europe picks up (30 July 2013)

Deleveraging abating in emerging Europe amid regulatory and structural shifts (2 May 2013)

Vienna 2 Initiative Steering Committee Discusses Deleveraging, Asset Quality and Implications of Banking Union Plans  (24 January 2013)

The Steering Committee of Vienna 2 delivers observations on cross-border bank resolution to European authorities (18 January 2013)

Vienna 2 Full Forum Focuses on Deleveraging and Bank Resolution (12 November 2012)

Vienna 2 proposes enhancements in cross-border supervision to European authorities (26 October 2012)

Vienna 2.0 Initiative Holds Workshop on Cross-Border Bank Supervision and Resolution in Emerging Europe (13 September 2012)

Vienna Initiative Adopts Mission Statement, sets its Objectives (20 July 2012)

Vienna Initiative Welcomes NBP Governor Marek Belka’s Chairmanship of its Steering Committee (20 June 2012)

Full Forum Meeting of the European Bank Coordination Vienna 2.0 Initative (13 March 2012)

Special Meeting of the European Bank Coordination “Vienna” Initiative (16 January 2012)

Press releases and related press coverage
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